Sarma offers instant background check reports directly to you. These reports contain the same information that landlords, property managers and employers access to verify applicant information. It is crucial that you verify ahead of time that the information is accurate before you are turned away.

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Basic Package $20.00 plus tax

 Smart Package $35.00 plus tax

Identity Trace Search

Will validate your social security number isn’t being used by anyone else.  The trace will also provide addresses where you have applied for credit.



National Criminal Record Search

Is a multi state and county database that provide any criminal records including date of arrest, date of filing, charges and much more



 Sex Offender Search

 Sex Offender Registry database search provides sex offender case information in a easy to read report.  This database is complied from violent crime and sex offender registries in all 50 sates and the District of Columbia.



Homeland Security Search

Will cross reference your name against worldwide-known terrorist and fugitive databases



County Criminal Records Search

County criminal records search consist of an on-site manual search of the superior, upper, lower and/or municipal court records and are available in each county within US.  We use a network of professional court researchers that covers all 3,500+county court jurisdictions across the nation and will indicate if the subject has a felony, misdemeanor and sometimes infraction filing with the last seven years or longer if the record include a legally reportable conviction.  These reports consist of all available information such as date of arrest, date of filing, charges, level of charges, disposition date, final disposition of charges and any applicable sentence or penalty.

* This is not an instant report. Turn around is 3-5 days. 
County criminal record searches may include additional court fees.